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Right on :D My brother had mentioned before that he digs the style of the 598's and those were on the top of my list to get him. Edit: I forgot to mention that he does wear glasses. I understand that is certainly a factor... Oh yeah, those K 550's look pretty nice. I was looking at the Q701's for a bit myself.   I'm looking into those Shure's right now. I'll let you know what I think :)   Also... thanks :)
Hello folks. I try to keep this a bit terse because I tend to ramble. :D   I am looking for two headphones recommendations.   1) I'm going to buy my brother a good pair of headphones when I return from deployment (Seems backwards, eh? I haven't seen him in a few years, though lol) and I'm not really sure what to get him. I want them to be over the ear and he has a baby, so at least some reduction of outside noise would be preferred. Also, he's been listening to a...
Unfortunately I am unable to upload pictures right now because I'm on deployment, but I'm fairly certain that my Fiio E6 that I got recently is fake.   On the outside, the little loop does look significantly thicker than the legit one shown in the pictures but that's about it for the external part. I figured I was okay, but when I popped the amp open with a knife I observed that mine is almost certainly a fake. All the internal signs indicated in the pictures of the...
  I was actually just about to add this. I'm in the process (ship internet = slow!) buying a pair right now.
I realize this is my first post but that's okay. Dark Souls is worth it. It also helps explain my avatar. (Mask of the Father. Wooo)   Anyway, are there any other masochists out there getting their faces kicked in by this game? I recently started playing it again and now know why I was feeling so empty - I wasn't getting my face owned anymore.   Share you Dark Souls experiences here! Or Demon Souls, Dark Souls twisted but maniacal brother.
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