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Hi. Is it possible for you to buy both of them and try it? That's what I have done. I bought E17 and then BioScienceGeeks cMoy Amp. I chose the cMoy because I prefer the sound of it (more natural sounding to my ears) compared to FIIO where in the treble seems to be a little bit excited (to my ears).
Search BioScienceGeek. His builds are pretty solid and clean.
No, your hearing is fine. The iMod or DIYMod really doesn't make any difference. From my experience, I think DIYMod or iMod are all just hype. In my opinion, most people think that they heard something different are just a result of placebo effect especially that they shelled out money and time on the mod.At first, I thought that I heard some difference with quality but I did not. No difference between an unmodded and modded.I have an unmodded iPod as a side by side...
This looks interesting. I have one question. You mentioned this on your page "Notice the added 47uf capacitor between AVDD2 & AGND. The will vastly improve the audio quality." I don't see it. Can you blow it up a little bit more?
I guess maybe you are right. Probably my setup is not that revealing (poorman's setup). I am seeing some coupling caps like Elna Silmic II, is that a good capacitor compared to Blackgate? I tried to use the search function on head-fi and also can't find any threads comparing 0.47uf caps.
 Yeah, I am pretty sure and confident that I followed the instructions and the mod was done properly. Yes, I am using the JDSLabs cMoy. I think this is just a hype. Waste of money. It was fun to mod though.
Hello everyone. I have finished my diyMod. I removed the 2 Z caps near the DAC and soldered the wires there. I then soldered the other side of the wires on the 2 small circle pads below the 2 tiny capacitors. I didn't removed the 2 tiny capacitors. Is that OK? If I remove the 2 tiny capcitors near the dock is that going to make a difference with the sound?
Aside from, where to buy dock connector for iPod? I tried searching everywhere and couldn't find one. 
Hello, I am planning to build my own iPod LOD. What size is the best cable sleeve that I should buy.
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