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It works for both ears. I just took the picture before soldering the right side wires on. The jack goes on the left side and the right side wires go up and over the headband.
Thanks. I will post the wireless conversion if/when I do it.   While just transplanting the RS120 guts would work, It's not my first choice. For one thing, the circuit boards are bigger than they need to be.   My ultimate headset would have the following features (in order of how important they are to me)... Passive noise reduction (like the HD280's) Wireless audio to them at a range of about 100m line of site Physical jack which bypasses the...
I found the threads on here about the HD280 "blue tak" mod helpful in taking apart my set to add a jack so I thought I reciprocate and post a thread showing how I added a jack to replace the built-in cord.   I have had my 280's for a few weeks now and love 'em. They block out lots of noise and don't hurt they way the RS 120's did (because the don't sit ON my ears). However I didn't like the coiled cord that came with them. My full intention is to use the RS 120 guts...
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