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Sennheiser headphones   yes they sound really nice, but not 'best headphone brand in the world'
Maybe a little too late, but L.A. Noire - 7/10   Personally I would give 9.5/10 for the gameplay, as it really brings the 40s back. Beside that, the game really havs flaws, and the storyline could have been much better.
Well I kicked out the Auvarna and brought the HD25 in, they are in totally different levels imo.
  Got the quite similar issue with my recent purchased HD25, but I dont really consider it as a serious problem at all, since I realize when they slide out of positions its because the headband clamps too tight on my head.
The same here
damn, thats bad, wondering if my pair would have the same problem in the future or not..  
  in case you guys havent noticed the HD25s I'm a big fan of blur btw :p
oops I thought HD25s and Amperiors suppose to sound the same anyway in my case I found the originals HD25s really sound better :p   good post btw, wish the HD650s to be in the list! :p
Hi guys, so happy to join this thread as a new HD-25s user I was thinking of purchasing a pair of high quality and good looking portable headphones several days ago, and the 2 choice came up my mind were the HD25 Adidas Originals and the Amperiors those cost quite same price on amazon now, the Amperiors even cost less http://goo.gl/mSwLb http://goo.gl/rEaJ4 but after all I ended up choosing the adidas ones, since I dont really get into aluminium products [they...
@anoxy Just purchased the Mx980 for a weak, and we shared the same confusion :p I'm very curious 'bout the Live, but actually I feel very satisfied using my Mx980 now, it fits my ear perfectly, and the sound quality is just like how they told 'bout this pair.   Hi swbf2cheater can I ask, accordin to your update, Lives are the king now?
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