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Thanks for that. I thought I was in the right place when I saw other queries on amps. 
I have contacted my dealer with regards to this issue and I am awaiting a response. I recently purchased an entry level Cambridge Audio Topaz AM1 amplifier. It sounds great for the money but I notice a strange ticking sound from within the unit that doesn't transfer through the speakers. All I can say is it sounds like ticking watch on roughly one second intervals. When I power the unit up the ticking subsides but is still audible and it obviously stops when I unplug the...
I tend towards a warm, dark signature but not in the extreme sense. Since becoming more serious about SQ I have tended to move away from bass over emphasis but still prefer an overall warmth to the sound. I don't want to suppress treble/highs too much either but I do tire of an overly bright signature very easily. Thanks for responding.    PS Love the avatar btw, TED is my hero!!!!!!!!
Any help ?
I'm still fairly nooby to high end audio so I could do with some help. I'm in the market for a full size set of headphones and these (title) appear to be getting fairly good reviews here. My two sources are the Sony NWZ-X1060 and the Hisoundaudio Rocoo-P. Do I require an amp to get the best out of the HD439's on these devices? I'm also considering the Grado SR-80i as an alternative. To give you an idea of my preferred sound I own the Hisoundaudio POPO and the Beyer...
Today I became the proud owner of the Hisoundaudio Rocoo-P "Power Version" and quickly set about comparing to my very capable X-series Walkman.   I would like to point out that this is a lay-mans comparison as I lack much of the audiophile terminology and experience that I often find on this forum so forgive me for the simplistic language used.    Also, I do not class myself as an audiophile, rather a lover of great music on decent quality devices. Sony have been...
I have the Sony NWZ-X1060 also and recently purchased the new Sony Xperia S smartphone. The Xperia S is considered by some to be a very good music player and indeed it is. However, it doesn't compare to the quality of the X series walkman. I'm a fan of rock music and I feel the S doesn't separate the instruments as well as the Walkman does. Highs are also better on the X. All in all the Xperia S is a good quality player but in no way compares to the 3yr old Walkman X...
@hisound  Thanks for reply. Can I ask what the (market) issue was with the Rocoo D? I'm fairly close to purchasing one on ebay as the power version is outside of my budget at the moment. 
Can somebody please tell me the difference between the Hisoundaudio Rocoo P and D? Also what is the difference between the Rocoo D standard version and the Power version. Hisoundaudio's naming of players is more confusing than Sony's ( to me at least).
Thanks for that. My Sony X is certainly sounds good enough to justify a big spend on headphones. Time to search the reviews then. 
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