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So lee, are you saying the T1 actually out performs the O2?
So is the amp worth it...since for $229 (assuming the post before is correct) i'm willing to try some good stuff
I do highly suggest people try the triple flange tips (i think they use 4mm ones) massive difference in fit and H20's point on cable is quite valid as well. After Logitech bought out UE the stock cable for TF10 is miserable
I'm actually quite sad i have to let these go since I only around end of May. Probably only clocked like 15-20 hours on them max. The headphones come with velour pads, 1/4 and 1/8 jack and a cable and a case.   Shipping: I would prefer Australia (free shipping in Australia express as well :D) However I'm willing to ship anywhere providing that you pay the shipping (only around 10-15 most of the time)
The Jezabels are always good, I like the Cribs too (Johnny Marr was in it for a while) 
Gundam Unicorn Soundtrack 3 (pretty good in my opinion) The Smiths Collection Oasis- Heathen Chemistry Guilty Crown Soundtrack   The Smiths collection is great value if anyone likes them
Oasis-Definitely Maybe Blur- Parklife   Pretty darn happy that Blur might be performing at closing ceremony 
Well I'm up to 4th album of Oasis-Standing on the Shoulder of Giants, way too underrated as an album
MWU HAHAHA its finally my turn to get myself a pair of custom  Should receive them by next tuesday
man I lost one of TF10's, Not sure if i should grab a pair of hf5 and try (
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