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well thanks for the help guys
any help please
hey everyone i was wondering if anyone here has a fix to the android mobiles that make a noise or hiss sound during sound my mobile is LG 690f Spirit i know this happens to a lot of people that own android phones mine makes the sound with headphones and without headphones but only when i play some sound it can be heard more when you turn the volume down to zero thanks heaps for any help.
any help plz.
Nice they look cool they look really strong         also there other ones look like beats
Hey everyone i wanted to know which one is best for bass HTF600 or XB500 but would the HTF600 be good for other music as well.
ah who cares ^_^ Hugs for everyone
Um i don't know i just said to stop saying kids only own beats to mastershake2393 thats all.
Whats that mean ? Do not start a fight.
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