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i just found some drivers would these be good for  headphones or even mini speakers ?
Hey everyone i want to make my own Headphones but where can i buy some Headphone Drivers thanks for any help as i love making things and making my own headphones would be fun, i know i can just take some drivers out of headphones but was just wondering if i can just buy the Drivers somewhere ^_^ Thanks heaps
Well they look cool but are they towards Girls because of the name Wicked Queen ?
Hey everyone im looking for a good MP3 player that is cheap my budget for one is $50.00 and under here is an australian store that sell MP3 players im leaning towards a $20.00 Philips RaGa thanks for anyhelp.
Thank yous very much i will try to compare and see what i will get.thanks again ^_^
Thanks for the reply i tried looking for the sony xb 500 in Australia though i dont know how much postage charge to Australia
hey everyone what type of headphones can i get for $80.00 and under from Australia that are great for Korean music and Japanese music and Hip Hop thnx and is there anything that is in my price range that is like the ATH M50.
Thanks also is there any more sorry just i like to have sort of a list to compare to, also would those speakers i posted be good ^_^
Hey everyone i want to buy some Cheap Speakers With Subwoofer to use for Music and Games im from Australia and want to know what can i get for my max budget $100 i want to have Good Bass. Thanks for any help. Here is some i have found and here is a list of 2.1 Speakers   i just want to buy from Australia unless...
what are refurb headphones like to new headphones are they used ?
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