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Very nice video of the Beats Pros keep up the great work,Its a shame that people were giving you negative comments on the Mixr i bet most of them haven't even tried them.
Nice picture ^_^
Well if your not a fan of JYP i don't think you should buy them.
Beats by Dr. Dre are no longer with Monster so maybe they might slash the Price ^_^
This is the song i play when i get a new pair of Headphones ^_^ GD & TOP 뻑이가요 (Bbeokigayo) its such a awesome song.
Thanks for more info on these ^_^ also very great video its always great to see others say to Try something for them self's instead of just reading reviews and just judging from there as i always like to test a product for my self and see if it fits my needs if not i'm sure it would for someone else.
Well it depends are you a fan of JYP
Diamond Tears do look awesome they are made by JYP a very famous South Korean Singer/Producer ^_^ He is very cool , I would love to get them.
Very Awesome its great to see more people not dissing on Beats as its really bad when people diss a product and then say the person who bought that product is an idiot i just don't see why people Should hate on people for what hey like in a product.   its great reading your review of them alot of people say the Mixr's are hard on the ears i heard a trick of putting them over the box they came in and leaving them for a day or two, as i would love to get them its just...
Thanks heaps for the help just another quick thing know of any Great mini speaker Drivers.
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