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so are yous the kind that if you see someone wearing Beats you would yell abuse at them for what they like ?
Yes it is very great to have a open mind to things, i love owning many Products and different brands instead of just the one. So its great to see that you are reviewing many different Brands, don't worry about the negative comments as hate should just help you succeed in what you want to do.
Isn't this just a BASH Thread full of Bashers.
LOL i know you weren't calling me a Ho LOL but HiFiGuy is is own person so he can judge and review any Headphones he wants, he shouldn't care what others think.       The Ncredible are not Beats they are a Monster Headphone made my Nick Cannon.
huh what you mean by that ?
so will you review other Brands like SMS By 50 & Soul By Ludacris just wondering thats all ^_^
Yeah i was wondering that as well i think maybe the Apple store ?
Very great video of the Beats Studio ^_^, Would be awesome if you get the Diamond Tears by JYP, he is a very great South Korean Artist/Producer and his headphones do look cool. Keep up the great videos and reviews its great to see honest videos and not just a video Bashing Beats like others.   also will you do videos of Soul by Ludacris and SMS Audio by 50?
Cool cant wait to see some test ^_^.
That's great news its great to see that you are reviewing Monster products and Beats,Don't worry about the negative comments just keep reviewing ^_^
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