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so just thought i would ask again so will you review other Brands like SMS By 50 & Soul By Ludacris just wondering thats all ^_^
i see what kind of person you are then.
So you are saying its ok to Bash(Scorn) people just because they may not know something lol ok thats fine. but threads like this will always turn crazy.
That sucks but just because SOME people attack you for not owning Beats,Don't attack people for owning Beats i know you havn't im just saying to all people.If you get what i mean. Plus im a headphone collector so i collect all types of Headphones
Very True.
Yeah V-Moda do look good they remind me of Links Shield ^_^ any other headphones.
Well is there any headphones that look great like Beats and Sound like say ATH-M50 ?
That's good,as its always stupid when people will hate you for what products you like.
Very nice headphones i have seen almost all of them ^_^
Very nice headphones Hopefully you get the Diamond Tears by JYP
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