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Thanks for the help
Hey everyone i want to buy some headphones but i'm from Australia does anyone know of any Stores or online stores that sell headphones like the M50 for about my limit is $100.00   Music i listen to Hip Hop,Pop,R&B,J-POP,K-POP     Thanks for anyhelp i tried finding XB500 in Australia but its very hard to find them so i'm looking for other headphones.
  Your welcome.
Well the reason i was asking is cause some people say they go over there ears, maybe it depends on ear size of the person?
Hey HiFiGuy528 are the Beats Mixr less tight now cause you have been breaking them in ? also are the Mixr Over ear or on Ear, as alot of people say they are over ear and some say on ear ?
Well like everyone else is saying they do look very legit maybe all beats have to have those Manufacturer numbers but most of us never see them due to not ripping the box hinge but good luck as i am sure they are real ^_^   PS: Very nice camera those pictures look excellent ^_^
Very crazy,But yeah we need to see some pictures of the Headphones them selves and some more pictures of the Sleeve that goes over the box as there is ways to tell a fake that way as well.
Very nice videos and very nice headphones ^_^.
Whats wrong with me asking him that question im not asking you so why try to answer the question     @HiFiGuy528 i did not know that the Solo HD could get that much bass from them ^_^ Good job.
what is the 3rd one on the right headphones name ^_^
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