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Well on the old Beats by Dre website Dick Smith was on it now they don't list any Australia websites
i already googled it myself before it said it is a non-counterfeit product but the price just seems quite low thats all cause the prices here are different to America also the pictures on the Dick Smith website wont show the "B" Logo on the headphones or even the bags ?
Well dick smith is a retailer here in Australia and they use to sell Beats by Dre in store but they don't anymore so i just wanted to know what is up with the parallel import
I don't want post like that, i was just wondering are they fake because isn't it iilegal to sell fakes and dick smith was authorized i just wanted to know as it says parallel import ?
any help thanks
i heard a story that fake beats have LEAD in them is this true ?
Hey guys just wondering would these be fake beats as it says (Parallel import) but Dick Smith was a authorized seller in Australia just wanted some help so not hating
does addicted to audio have free shipping like wicked digital ^_^   EDIT:Just saw they have free express shipping on all items ^_^
Thanks heaps for that ^_^
any other headphones as well thnx heaps
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