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Well thanks just wanted to know, i know a lot of people don't care about look its just sometimes i do and these look really great and there audiophile so thats awesome because they look Urban ^_^
Well i hope to get one of these when they come out would these headphones count as Audiophile ?
does anyone else like the look of em ^_^
Well i like the Denon AH-D600 because it looks Awesome but is that a bad thing no as its good if a product has a great look to it so i think they can compete with Beats by Dre in look IMO
This headphones look Cool they have a great futuristic look to em ^_^ i bet they sound great too i so want a pair.
thanks for the help it helps heaps. i think im going to get the XB500's then later also buy the HTF600 as i want to start collecting headphones ^_^
Hey everyone what would be the best Bass Headphones that are in this price range $50 - $100 these are the ones i have seen so far Sony XB500 JVC HA M5X so if anyone wants to post any headphones in that range that are Bass thank you very much
Depends on genre with Hiphop listen to Wiz Khalifa lots of bass to test the M50's also listen to some KPOP really great Vocals best to search BIGBANG ^_^ Enjoy your Headphones
Wow i never really thought of this but good luck on finding some great headphones ^_^
To me Beats are fine i own Solo HD's Red also i have seen a few people on here say there fine as well also im a headphone collecter   Don't hate i'm sick of people hating on things or people.
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