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What would be a good DAC for my Acer 5830TG ? thanks heaps
I think over like a year its 50 to 100 and thanks for the help. also sorry there no longer on there hopefully they restock.
Thanks for the advice ^_^ its really helpful.
it cost about 2250 ^_^ well i will be using my acer laptop and psp Its cokerewards ^_^
Hey everyone just thought i would post i'm Getting my First ATH-M50RD Headphones soon ^_^ as in Australia there is a deal with coca-cola to get points and i had enough points to get em so basically Free haha just want to know would the Fiio E5 be a good amp or could you's suggest a better one thanks heaps.
That's Will.i.Am and are yous even Fans of 2NE1 ^_^
So are the fakes safe to buy then
is that true Beats Pros are better than XB500 ?
That is very true ^_^
any other help thanks
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