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I use to own Beats Solo HD and now i own a pair of ATH-M50RD after researching more audio products (I research Loads haha) and love em the sound is better but that's me and i know a lot more think so to but if people want to buy something cause they want to i say good for them ^_^.
Yep that blue is freakin awesome so classy ^_^
Looks great ^_^ i wonder what the blue M50x looks like
Yeah or maybe its another model like M-60 not sure but looking at the picture it looks a lot like the M-50 but with a lot of silver in the design.
I wonder what this is then ? https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=661183570586651&set=a.136129883092025.15274.135901049781575&type=1&relevant_count=1
I was wondering what the Audio Technica facebook are going to reveal ^_^
Ah thank you very much i will try to get one soon thanks again.
just wanted to ask here instead of making a new thread i have heard the Fiio E5 n the Fiio E7 are great so i have been looking for a E7 and came across an E07K what is thr difference thanks.
Got my m50's a few days ago and wow they sound excellent such great headphones ^_^ and they are way bigger then i thought lol in pictures they don't look as big then in person
Thanks heaps i can't wait to get my M50's ^_^ and soon i will buy one of those DAC just so i can have the best quality.
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