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Where abouts in the UK are you buddy?
I got some brand new shure 425 for a bit of a steal and actually quite like them. I'm surprised how good they actually are.
I may buy a pair of these. I love the ie80s and the 846s as well. I will use them mostly for running and gym work. Not sure what to get lol
Hey where in the UK are you?
I need a new pair of headphones as the last pair went through the wash :/. Anyhows I don't want a £50 pair I want something properly decent. I listening to my mates shure se846 and loved them but can't justify the thick end of a grand for running and gym work lol anyways some help and guidance would be awesome
I'm guessing either of these are over kill for running and gym duties
Hey bud where in the UK are you?
O ok I'm over in Suffolk/Norfolk. If collected what would be the price matey?
Out of interest where abouts are you based?
The main use will be running that's all they will actually be used for. I have some beyerdynamics custom one pro for sitting down and listening these would only be used on an active basis lol doh!!!
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