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Hi folks, sorry, nothing yet. We have a  major launch going on and I'm not in the office with the WA7 lately. I hope to get some time this week, though.
So far the WA7 is ok, but in orchestral pieces it's lacking compared to the Mjolnir. However, I have not done extensive listening yet. I was listening to the Elyssium soundtrack today and the instruments were getting kinda muddied together when passages got too crowded and at louder volumes. I don't know if you're familiar with the pieces (you can YouTube it), but it's a full orchestra with full choir and they're really going at it This kind of makes sense, since the...
Found a "factory refreshed" silver A23 on Audio Advisor for $712 and pulled the trigger. Comparison with the Pio coming up next week :) Thank you to everyone for their feedback!
Thanks, yage. I am leaning toward the separates route, because like you said I will maximize my investment in the Mjolnir as a preamp. I got a recommendation for the Parasound Halo A23 and I'm looking into that one now. I'll try to find the best amp I can around $1k and 100W per channel.
 Hm... we have very similar equipment. The WA6-SE may as well have a wider soundstage than the Mjolnir. I only have the WA6, not the SE. Maybe the tube power supply of the SE makes a difference. It's very interesting that you have the Marantz 8005. I have the NA7004, which has the same excellent DAC as the 8005 and I am considering buying the 8005 for my Nautilus 805 speakers. Check out this thread.
Yeah, let's do it! You should come here, so you can listen to the Mjolnir and the WA7. Can the walleye travel? Nah, I'll get lunch
Hahaha. Couldn't resist, eh? Sorry, man, should have never let you try them. At least you can sell a couple if your other ones, right? And yeah, Woo has them. I got them for the free stand. I didn't have one. They came with the balanced cable. Congrats and enjoy...
Nope, not just the ones you got. Mine are exactly the same way: I feel like taking the trash out in 20 degree weather every time I have to switch from balanced to SE.
About how much do these cables cost for the same length as the stock? Both balanced and SE, if you know.
Yeah, no wonder nobody has posted these, yet. This 7 point torx is apparently made by one company and used for CATV boxes. I think I'll find golden coins inside the WA7.
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