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Ha! I feel stupid now...
Ok, never mind, found it. Post #4393. Let me see if I can get it out without scratching it now...
So, I got all my parts to build my first cable. It's a 4ft, 4 strand cable with parts mostly from double helix. The connectors that go to the headphone end were bought from Mr Speakers directly. I swear I've seen the answer here before, but for the life of me I can't find it: how do I get to the pins of the headphone end connectors to solder the wire? Something with pulling back the outer ring and twisting? Thanks!
  Wow! I believe you covered everything I needed! Thanks so much! On to get the wires and start braiding I guess. I'll post some pictures of the progress.
Hi all,   I'm getting an Ether C from a member here and it comes with a 1/4 DUM. I want to have a balanced to 4 pin XLR and an 1/8 portable. The portable will be used most of the time with a Mojo and iPhone 6. The balanced will be used for a Mjolnir2/Gungnir MB combo, but only when I can't use the H1K (very rarely).   I am thinking of re-terminating the 1/4 DUM to 1/8 and shortening it as well. I don't want to use a 1/4 to 1/8 adapter as it will be bulky for portable...
Thanks. Is he on these forums? I don't have his email and a Google search gets me his eBay listings and Facebook only, not a website. I don't use Facebook. If you could pm me his email, I'd appreciate it.
I am also interested in such a cable in the US. Is it available? I've seen the Lavricable, but it is not right angled.
I use an MJ2 (and until recently a MJ) as pre to a Parasound Halo A23 driving the Nautilus 805's. I think it's an excellent combo, but even on low gain, I can't go past 12 o' clock on the pot, though it's admittedly a small room (15' x 14'). Also, the A23 is at 75% power, which is not recommended by Parasound (manual says to have it all the way up), but again that would leave me with very little play on the MJ2 pot.Oh, and all connections are balanced. Source is a Mac mini...
Thank you all for the informative discussion. For the record, I am indeed interested in a DAC/amp that will take line out input from the iPhone lightning port. I had it narrowed down to the Fostex HP-P1 and the HA-2, but I will look at rest of options.
Does anyone have any idea if the Oppo HA-2 will be enough to drive the Ether C on the road? I will use it at home with a Mjolnir 2 and WA7, which I'm sure will be plenty fine, but I'm also planning on taking it on the road, where I can't have anything bigger than the HA-2 or a Fostex HP-P1 (and in debating between the two amps as well, but leaning toward the HA-2). Thanks!
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