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I have the X already. I can't use that in the office. Too loud for others. I also don't feel like transporting it from home to office every day and I think even head-fi members would think it's ridiculous for me to buy the same headset twice (at that price especially) so that I don't carry it back and forth! I do agree that I really really like the X with the WA7 (tp on the way). I can't say the X is the most comfortable can I've used, though, but I'm not complaining. Now,...
My room is about 80 sq ft and I have the door closed. Nobody else is in there. I doubt a small leak will be a problem for the people outside. As far as sealing the outside world to my ears, that's not a problem either. I'd actually like to hear about what's going on a bit. I haven't looked into the TH900's yet, but I will tonight. My office is locked. We have a healthcare company. Very clean environment. I don't see any problems with treatment of the TH900's. I will have a...
 Thanks for the advice. Here are some more details about my situation:http://www.head-fi.org/t/748871/office-setup-advice I can get some cans up to $1500, no problem, if it indeed makes a difference. I'm trying to figure out what I'm gaining by going from the DT770 that I already own to the H6 to the T5p or the TH900 you are suggesting (let's eliminate the Z7, if the TH900 is "better" than the Z7), if connected to the WA7+tp. So, given my situation in the thread above,...
I guess I can consider this as a "savings" of $399, eh?
Thanks for this information as well. Now it remains to be seen how much better the T5p is than the H6 on the WA7+tp. Maybe I'll start with the cheaper option (H6) and go from there. Something tells me I'm looking at buying both...
And in your opinion is the WA7 a good match to the H6? Does it bring some more bass into the H6 that some people say is missing? I don't own the H6, but I do have a WA7 and I am trying to find a good headphone for office use (closed). I own a DT770 and trying to see if I can do any better.
It depends on the amps, but most of the time you want to avoid double amping. If you are satisfied with how your phones play straight out of the iPhone, do that; otherwise use the LOD and one amp.
Has anyone tried the B&O H6 or the Beyer T5p on the WA7?
Great! That's what I was hoping for. Thanks for the feedback!
This is encouraging. Thank you for the input!
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