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I'll second the CMoy comment - very strong combination with Grados.
Quote: Originally posted by hottyson Man oh man.. wouldn't it be easier to just carry a phone-booth around?!?!? But it would be fun making people think you're calling in an air strike.
May 1 date added up there, Watch for updates on the tour page, under 'Info' on KRAFTWERK.COM
The power of shock value, gotta love it. Someone should remind them it's just rock 'n roll. Remember 40 years ago? It's not like something really obscene, like a 22 yr old Elvis shakin' his hips.
They will always be the most noisy when it's new (thus, give it like 20 hour for wearing parts to mechanically break-in). Either that or it's no good and about to die - in which case it will get louder and louder. It shouldn't be audible, I listen really quiet too sometimes, and my cheapo Yamaha 5 disc thing is only heard when I put my ear 10 cm from the tray. Give it some time, and if it's still like that, try to return it.
I was browsing a local record store, and in the new arrivals stack, I see this: and on the back was this: (without the added flashing of course) Bobby Conn: Rise Up! After 3 listens I'm enjoying it so much that I'm starting to wonder if there are subliminal satanic messages in there. I really lucked out and discovered a new favourite artist. Anyone else take a chance? How did it turn out?
Minya that was hillarious.. It made me want to slit my wrists ova & ova & ova
I think it would depend from player to player... most drive mechanisms will last for well over 10,000 hours, I think MTF is like 50,000 for a typical player (like, over 5 years of continuous use). By the time it wears out, you'll have wanted to upgrade to another one anyway if you're a person that goes on here at all!
My fill of SR-125 has left me hungry for RS-1's... but only after I build my RA-1 clone.
man, that kid is going to get his _ss rebooted all through school...
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