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The only place you should be plugging your computer in is the CD / AUX in puts - which will allow you to use the volume controls on the amp itself. You should not get any sound the following way: PC -> Main In on NAD -> Pre Out on NAD to the only input available on the Sony, Game -> Speakers ^^^ Because the only logical flow for the signal is: PC --> Input (CD/AUX/TAPE, etc) --> PRE-OUT --> MAIN-IN --> SPEAKERS If you only have it connected like so: PC -->...
Quote: Originally posted by reeseboisse That's actually what I'm doing. I have my PC connected to the Main In input, and my headphones connected to the headphone jack in front. ... Now, unfortunately, I can't read the labels on the back panel from pictures of this 7130 on eBay , but I believe the jumpers are running from PRE-OUT ---> MAIN IN, over there just to the left of the speaker terminals, right? I think the MAIN IN is to feed signal to...
Dispite the fact that anyone will look like an uberdork wearing them, and that my sources aren't up to par with them, and I don't have an amp that could drive them properly, I am tempted everytime someone talks about them - because it sounds exactly like what I'm looking for. So... for a while until I can accomodate them in my life, they will be like that girl that could be my soulmate but I never asked to dance.
Toslink is to optical as RCA is to electrical There ARE other formats for optical output though, really high end players will use the AT&T connector.
My goal: to have a 'sonic microscope' with which allows me to pear into the mind of the musician but also see the picture at the same time.
In light of the fact that this kind of music is hard to find at my favourite stores in town, I just ordered off their link to But that means I'll have to wait a couple weeks before it comes... I'll post a brief review when I get a chance.
Finally! Just ordered the LP... so hungry to hear it. I'll have to go to the Toronto show, awesome!
Quote: Originally posted by Nightfall You might want to take a look at the Musical Fidelity Tri-Vista DAC. Its runs about $2500.00, and is supposed to be incredible. I believe someone from Stereophile commented something to the effect that the only thing better was the $30,000.00 DCS combo. Stereophile seem like sluts to anything MF though. And I mean, if that was the case, there wouldn't BE any products in the price range between...
Sorry you are having a problem with your nad, just be glad it's not both your 'nads. I couldn't resist, that one... Anyway, you can try the pre-amp section if the back has a pair of plugs labelled "Pre-Out"... no need to risk electric shock!
I've just been using one of these puppies and trying different IC's. So far I like MIT Terminator 3's the best for neutrality... it all depends on how you want to color the sound though.
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