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Thanks Rick... But wouldn't that give me 15.56 dB of attenuation? I was thinking of using values of R(in) = 47K ohms and R(g) = 27.5K ohms. Output would drop to 0.63V, and attenuation is 20 log (0.63/2) = 10 dB. But, is that better than using lower values like 47 ohms and 22 ohms, which would present the CD player with an effective load of 69 ohms. I mean, in terms of 'impedance matching' what I am I trying to match with what, if anything at all? Found...
Anyone know what the output impedance of the single-ended output is? I didn't see it in the specs...
Just trying to make some interconnects that will drop my CD player output by 6 or 10 dB, since the amp gain (on the integrated amp for speakers) is pretty high and my speakers are sensitive. So I figure I will just use a simple voltage divider: in which the interconnect will have a resistor R(in) in series with the hot/signal connection, and R(g) from the signal wire to the ground/shield. So, R(in) + R(g) is the resistance of the interconnect (without...
Yeah, I ordered some and will make a Gold Raincoat 'clone' to see for myself. May also try the cryo treatment with liquid nitrogen...
I didn't like the Cyber 20 either, and yet this glowing review from Positive Feedback: http://www.positive-feedback.com/Issue11/cyber20.htm Anyway, I digress. I think the Bada would be interesting to hear and compare to the other hybrid designs like the Millet.
Get married, it will be curbed pretty quick.
If I remember correctly, it looked like this was the wire: with either 2 or 3 conductors used inside, probably 2.
I can't see how the GS-1 could be prefered to the Dynahi, but, granted that is going by the assumption sounds pretty close to a maxed out Dynalo (it's the same circuit after all). Can't see how someone would think it sounds boring... maybe because it is so neutral? But just listen to the speed and energy and bass for chrissake! Definitely, for the same money, the other stuff is just not worth the time in comparison to the Dynahi with a quality power supply.
I am still puzzled by the comment that US residents can not carry pepper spray. I guess one reason could be that compared to Canada, a person attacking you in the states is more likely to have a gun anyway so the pepper spray may not help you. The stats... http://www.cfc-ccaf.gc.ca/pol-leg/re.../default_e.asp
Let the cartridge break in 50+ hrs. I have had the infamous 'Grado wobble' happen on the Platinum. After a good break-in period it died down. But of course, being close to the resonance frequency may make this effect more likely in your rig.
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