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Very nice thermal management on that Dynahi!
Sending you the address I gave him Paypal to...
Not mine, and no affiliation. I just saw it, and really like the sound of these (will agree with most of what that review says!). Steal it at $900 http://cls.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/cls....ran&1133564622
I'd agree, it's low risk. I saw one go on audiogon for >$900 USD.
This is machinist talk, it is not metallurgy related. A counter-sink is using tapered screws that will be flush with the surface.
I just did a few hours of listening via the XLR balanced outputs on this player and it wasn't too impressive. I was able to have single ended and balanced connections connected at once so I could A/B them by switching inputs on my amp. The balanced lacked detail and seemed rolled-off. The bass did not go nearly as deep and felt a little flabby. There was a collapse of the soundstage front to back. Definitely will stick with the single ended RCA outputs, they are...
The GS-X will come close to the Dynamight, if it's similar to the balanced dynalo (a, 'dynamid') as it appears to be. For the price limit you've set, the Dynamight is the way to go, I have a feeling based on the un-balanced comparison of the Dynahi / Dynalo, the Dynamight will be well worth the investment.
I was under the impression that the dark RS-1's were originally made that way from the start and it depended on the wood that they had at the time (darker pieces being used earlier?). Also, I've generally observed that wood FADES when exposed to direct light, so they should get lighter. Regardless, it will be a long process if you have them indoors, a majority of houses have UV coated windows these days. I may be wrong on both accounts though...
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