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silver is Neotech "High Resolution Interconnect", and the gold one is from Military grade wire.
bump.. ends soon
It isn't just phase splitters that create balanced sound, it is a parallel set of amplification and analog filtering sections. Doing this Class-A like the single-ended output of the Eastsound would require more space than the unit has (plus the much added costs). If you insist on balanced, the Eastsound is not the best choice: the single ended outputs sound a LOT better. I don't know if the E5 sounds better than the Denon, but most likely it's pretty close and...
Very nice thermal management on that Dynahi!
Sending you the address I gave him Paypal to...
Not mine, and no affiliation. I just saw it, and really like the sound of these (will agree with most of what that review says!). Steal it at $900 http://cls.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/cls....ran&1133564622
I'd agree, it's low risk. I saw one go on audiogon for >$900 USD.
This is machinist talk, it is not metallurgy related. A counter-sink is using tapered screws that will be flush with the surface.
I just did a few hours of listening via the XLR balanced outputs on this player and it wasn't too impressive. I was able to have single ended and balanced connections connected at once so I could A/B them by switching inputs on my amp. The balanced lacked detail and seemed rolled-off. The bass did not go nearly as deep and felt a little flabby. There was a collapse of the soundstage front to back. Definitely will stick with the single ended RCA outputs, they are...
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