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Here is one of the famous Mogami Neglex re-cable for Sennheisers. 15 ft length, 1/8" gold plated connector plug. It uses the HD650 connectors spliced into the Mogami cable. Moved to eBay auction: Cryo treatment available for extra $20. Click to enlarge: TONS of positive (100%) feedback: on eBay... on Head-fi...
Never observed any strange clicks or pops on mine... Hopefully, you got the 120 hr burn-in, and Snowy will be motivated to help, considering you are putting this in a place with a lot of publicity. Mention that and he will probably be motivated to help you.
I read somewhere that the proper method of long-term storage is to run them down to 1V / cell, and keep them at room temperature. No need to cycle them, and it was best not to have them completely charged or discharged to 0V, but 1V is ideal.
Yeah, I was always drilling the corners of the IEC, and then doing the connect the dot thing with a dremel cutting disk... of course every now and then the dremel would 'bite' too much and screw you, so I would cut from the interior side that won't be visible anyway. I was kind of hoping there was some magic method.
Other than a Dremel w/ cutting disc (or a CNC machine!!), what is the easiest way to cut the square IEC connector hole ?!?
I had a Hyperion disc skip due to bronzing, and it was one that came from a PDO factory. Hyperion have information about the bronzing defect on their website, and offer the PDO mailing address for replacement disc. They replied to my email after a few days and I recieved a replacement for the disc. This form of "CD rot" is not inevitable with all discs (maybe not within our lifetime anyway). It was just a bad batch of chemicals that was used at the time of...
Are you trying to convert S-video to composite, like so: ?
I sold my pair of RS-1's after saving up for them for almost a year. Out of the Dynahi, they still sounded like every other Grado, except more so. Which would be great, if you like that sound - it's nirvana for some. But I grew too fond of the Sennheiser neutrality. A neutral amp doesn't work miracles and change the character of their sound.
Agreed, the Jungson 88D is phenomenal. Such luscious midrange, superb bass extension, and detail in spades. Great synergy with the E5, they play off each other's strengths.
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