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Congrats.. looking forward to comparisons to the Denon 2910, Mikey.
Please see auction: http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZapg_123QQhtZ
Yea, I prefer local sale in Toronto, $250 CDN. I am willing to ship, but I would have to get original boxes and packing materials from PSB (luckily I am local to them and can pick them form PSB in Pickering). Of course, they are a big 40lb package, and estimated additional costs for packaging and shipment to the States are about $70 USD.
Bump... C'mon all you college students looking for high-end sound! With the upgrade these have clarity that rivals monitors in the $1000 range. These will keep up with upgrades as you go along, it would not be wrong to hook these up to $2000 to $3000 worth of equipment. The reviews agree: http://www.soundstage.com/revequip/psb_image2b.htm They are very neutral sounding, as the National Research Council measurements show a very flat response with low...
Bump... still available... edited: added my 100% feedbacks above.
The transport is a common part to many other CD players, so the advantage is that it can be replaced easily. Having a couple people post problems here can be misleading, think about all the people that are NOT posting because theirs is working fine. By the way, I am listening to a scratched up to heck CD right now, and not a single skip.
Want a laugh? This is worth the three seconds it takes. 1- Go to www.google.com 2- Type in "Failure", without the quotes 3- Instead of hitting "Search" hit "I'm feeling Lucky" 4- See what comes up! 5- Tell your friends before the people at Google fix it
Bump... Another review in the original Mogami neglex thread: Quote: The Mogami Cables were fantastic. Vs. the Stock 650, it was like changing rooms from a concert hall to a studio: Very intimate, very close. The veil, for all intents and purposes, was gone. Let me say hear that I've never been all that bothered by this viel thing... Esp. not on the relativly bright chips in my AD8620 Pimeta. This cable, however, strips it away. It felt like Satriani was...
Here is one of the famous Mogami Neglex re-cable for Sennheisers. 15 ft length, 1/8" gold plated connector plug. It uses the HD650 connectors spliced into the Mogami cable. Moved to eBay auction: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...tem=5821245254 Cryo treatment available for extra $20. Click to enlarge: TONS of positive (100%) feedback: on eBay... on Head-fi...
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