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The first Sonic Youth album - a track called Freezerburn.
After all the controversey over the RA-1 cloning, I don't think that's allowed...
The connectors for all those are the same, so you can swap cables between each of them.
Yes, stock form it inverts phase. The switch to correct the phase (back into the normal phase) is a pretty simple option, there is a provision for it already on the circuit board, you just need the toggle switch and I think one or two parts. Just ask Scott about it, it was an option when ordering...
Got my Quail power cord real quick.. THANKS JASON!
Got 'em Monday.. THANKS!
Price dropped...
Congrats.. looking forward to comparisons to the Denon 2910, Mikey.
Please see auction: http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZapg_123QQhtZ
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