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See pic below...
For the TO-92 packages, the flat part should be facing the 7815 label on the PCB, towards the board interior. The other one also has the flat side facing the 7915 silkscreening label, but that label on the other side of the part, closer to the edge of the board.
Thank you very much guys!!! I'm almost surprised to see I've enough fame (or, notoriety?) to be noticed. Now I'm off to try and activate my XM radio that my darling wife gave to me. Cheers!
Quote: Originally Posted by raylpc I plugged my HD580s to my mx5021's headphone out a few times. Would it have done any damage on my phones? Those are high impedance phones so the risk of damage is lower. If they are still working, they are OK.
Please tell me, does the thumb-wheel to dispense deodorant act as the volume knob???
It look like this Acme place has VAM 1202 transports for about $20. It must be a trusted place if The Road Runner gets all his anvils and dynamite there. (Click on the left bar "Optical Pickups > Philips")
It looks like the wiring of the flexfoil cable is different see below: Pg. 21 (of the PDF) manual, VAM1250 : pg. 25 of the 1202 manual:
Yes, I'd also like to know if the VAM1250 can be used, it seems more reliable and also offers CDRW playback (not available on the stock Eastsound). Looking at the pictures of them, it seems they have the same shape and dimensions: VAM1202: VAM1250: However, the VAM1250 has that flex ribbon coming out the bottom. I've not looked at these two in person, so I am curious if the electical connectors are pin-compatible.
My fav. is the Pentel Quicker Clicker (old version without the flex grip), but the Zebra is a close second. I favour 2B lead by the way, it seems to write darker, has smoother feel, and actually erases more completely (especially with the eraser mentioned above).
I tried a Dynahi as a preamp for a while and it was spectacular. All the qualities of that amp were shining through, it was like having a 'amplified straight wire' connection.
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