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If your unit switches on for a few seconds and then stops, it is probably not the fuse or transformer. It is likely something else in the power supply. Does the digital display remain on after 3 seconds? It may be one of the regulators in the power supply. If they overheat they will thermally shut-down.
Anyone listened to these yet? Comparisons?
I bought a pair of RS-1's from this guy. Shipped quickly, and they were brand new. Great deal!
It's a pretty well respected Chinese brand that is recently gaining popularity here in North America. I briefly listened to the Leonardo CD-A9.3 ($8900 CND) at a dealer. Quite nice sound, but of course it could have also been the rest of the $30,000 system with Usher flagship speakers. I think the cheapest is the CD-A8S ($1150.00 CND).
Thanks, I just set a new personal record for longest EVER to load a web page: 28 min.
Double check with Justin, but it does not appear that there is a fuse in the amp itself: The fuse is probably in the power supply wall wart (if at all). By the fact that the LED and the sound are dead, it is mostly likely the power supply, unless both the sound circuit and the LED died simultaneously (pretty rare). So... I would also bet that it is the power supply.
See pic below...
For the TO-92 packages, the flat part should be facing the 7815 label on the PCB, towards the board interior. The other one also has the flat side facing the 7915 silkscreening label, but that label on the other side of the part, closer to the edge of the board.
Thank you very much guys!!! I'm almost surprised to see I've enough fame (or, notoriety?) to be noticed. Now I'm off to try and activate my XM radio that my darling wife gave to me. Cheers!
Quote: Originally Posted by raylpc I plugged my HD580s to my mx5021's headphone out a few times. Would it have done any damage on my phones? Those are high impedance phones so the risk of damage is lower. If they are still working, they are OK.
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