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Haven't got the time to build another one. Discovered these in my drawer so it's better someone else build it. $25 shipped to Canada gets them $30 to US.
I would also say this is a great value.  It is a really detailed, yet forgiving source for the money.    Just some tube rolling impressions this evening:   EH 6922 tube (supplied with delux version) is a smooth all-around tube.  The bass is deep though a little loose, and the treble is a little forward.  Some of the mid-range is a little grainy and recessed, but still rich.   Amperex Holland tube circa 1965 (pulled from old Tektronix scope, datecode 'Delta...
Just a 2-day left bump..   these were highly desired by the way, the sound is really impressive for something so cheap and simple!   And... can you even buy made in Japan these days for less!?!?
NEC CDR-401 3XPlus Multispin CD-ROM   This is a unit that was used mainly to listen to music CDs for about a year. Some minor scuffs on the top (that only show up with the camera flash actually). It is well known and sought after, as the 3.5 mm audio jack has a very good amplifier that can drive high quality headphones (used Sennheiser HD-600's myself). It worked well, just some readability issues with some CDR, as was the case with early CD ROM readers from...
When I had to transfer over a network with a 10Mbit connection and it was a nightmare: 20 min / gig. I say install both drives and copy HDD to HDD.
I suggest the Stars and Topsoil. Once you get familiar with those tracks, you'll have something familiar to look forward to when you collect their albums. PS: What does everyone think of the other remasters? Is it worth getting them instead of the originals?
Maybe something like this would work: Audio Oscilloscope, Spectrum Analyzer, Signal Generator - eBay (item 110248843429 end time May-11-08 06:03:20 PDT) I'm not sure what it uses for the ADC... a sound card? The screenshot from the Spectrum Analyzer shows -130 db... Maybe if you have a 24bit soundcard that's how you would get that kind of resolution.
Nice job, AK! What DAC kit is that? You have a shield between the transformer and the PCB, did your custom transformer cause any noise to be picked up when you remove the shield?
Pics available on auction pages...
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