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When I had to transfer over a network with a 10Mbit connection and it was a nightmare: 20 min / gig. I say install both drives and copy HDD to HDD.
I suggest the Stars and Topsoil. Once you get familiar with those tracks, you'll have something familiar to look forward to when you collect their albums. PS: What does everyone think of the other remasters? Is it worth getting them instead of the originals?
Maybe something like this would work: Audio Oscilloscope, Spectrum Analyzer, Signal Generator - eBay (item 110248843429 end time May-11-08 06:03:20 PDT) I'm not sure what it uses for the ADC... a sound card? The screenshot from the Spectrum Analyzer shows -130 db... Maybe if you have a 24bit soundcard that's how you would get that kind of resolution.
Nice job, AK! What DAC kit is that? You have a shield between the transformer and the PCB, did your custom transformer cause any noise to be picked up when you remove the shield?
Pics available on auction pages...
Please check my ebay auctions for these radios. Bother are in excellent condition, shipping is from Canada. Numerous 100% positive feedbacks.
Maybe I missed it, but has anyone tried replacing the 2604 opamps in the DAC analog section? Trying maybe 627 or AD chips?
yes, if the disc spins but no display, then the 12V supply may be ok, but the 5V may be shot.
If your unit switches on for a few seconds and then stops, it is probably not the fuse or transformer. It is likely something else in the power supply. Does the digital display remain on after 3 seconds? It may be one of the regulators in the power supply. If they overheat they will thermally shut-down.
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