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I'm using a Xduoo TA-03, it is exceptional. These really shine with tube OTL amps.
After some time using the the Belkin F8Z492 bluetooth receiver, I began to get annoyed by some intermittent connectivity with my Dell XPS15.  I primarily use the bluetooth dac to connect to my main system when listening to background audio off my laptop while working, and occasional focused listening.  However, after getting used to the idea and convenience of this wireless setup, I’ve started doing more critical listening with it, and became motivated to replace the...
Interesting modded custom pre amp for sale:
Just testing out a new scope (OWON sds7102) in the lab today, decided to do some thing useful with it and compare the noise on the Aune T1 (original version) with two different 6DJ8 tubes.  Test condition: 1 khz output at 80% full scale generated using the Audacity software.   Here are the screenshots with volume knob set to output 2V (about half volume) and 3.6V (about 80% full volume):           The unit has dominantly 2nd and 3rd harmonics both about...
This includes the A/C adapter, and cable with short extension shown, the batteries don't seem to hold a charge any more.  I used it about 1 year.  Shipping from Waterloo, Canada
Selling my original E10 with the Wolfson / AD8397 chips. Original USB cable included.  Shipping from Waterloo, Canada.
Wow, they sold for $1425 I wonder who bought them.
Check it out, they are part of the estate auction for charity, along with other studio gear:
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