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It always frustrates me that people think that it's retails stores like my own that are "ripping people off", it's just not true in some cases. First, please understand that running a business means that you need to make a profit. This profit needs to pay bills and wages, and to be blunt - make it worth the business's time and effort at the end of the day. Most ebay stores don't really have bills to pay, so it's often a nice bit of bonus cash on the side, whether they...
I've seen, in person, someone arrested on the spot for mis-valuing goods. It was marked as a gift, the customers officer asked if he could open the box. Inside the box was a receipt with the value paid on the goods. The customs officer looked at the guy and had him arrested right then and there. The stupid thing was the goods were only worth around $600, he wouldn't have had to pay much in the way of tax/duties, instead he's looking at a big fine or jail time. I don't...
Quote: Originally Posted by hugz Of course we wouldn't abuse your kind offer by asking for too many! Just the leatherhead and ms-pro will do The L3000 is sold, unfortunately, but the MSPro I can do if nobody else has one to bring along.
If you guys organise a meet, I have a trusted customer that I'd send a few pairs of headphones to for you to play with under his supervision Just don't ask for too many
I'm in Perth
According to Alessandro, who I assume has been informed by Grado, there is no difference. The chambers are only different on the outside in a way that wouldn't effect the sound. Any differences perceived are likely psychological. Painting the MS-2 red would probably make them sound just as different.
Black = darker = more bass! I don't know. Either way, the reviewer is wrong.
I think the Ultrasone HFI-500DJ1 is a better headphone personally, I find the Pro700 to be fairly uncomfortable, too heavy and they don't sound as good as the Ultrasone model. Also - the Pro700 has been in Australia for nearly a year now.
My observations; The open AT range often have very little in common with similar numeric models from the closed range. eg: the AD700 does not sound anything like the A700, likewise the A900 and AD900 or A1000/AD1000. Don't assume, for example, that the A700 is "a closed AD700". I find the difference between the A700 and A900 (closed models) to be significant enough to warrant the (relatively small) price difference. The A700 sounds "ok" the A900 sounds...
Quote: Originally Posted by Kenny12 like i said having actually opend and distroyed a obh-2 i could not find any difference between the obh-2 supply and any linear psu the selecton of caps and resistors were generic as well Spot on I honestly don't know why they charge so much for the branded ones.
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