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Any updates on timing, expected cost, Indiegogo, etc.?
Price reduced and will entertain trades.  Potentially interested in a DT990 for example.
I'd sign up!
Price reduced.  Will entertain trades.
Price reduced.  Will entertain trades.
Up for sale is Paradox #008 from Luis (LFF). This is the original style Paradox with earpads held on by socks. The earpads can be replaced by the Brainwavz: http://www.brainwavzaudio.com/colle...cts/pleather-headphone-pad?variant=4755809349 You can see pics at: https://goo.gl/photos/3LxvPuMa9qZMrThk7 I am the original owner and absolutely love these headphones. I love them so much, that I purchased a second set of Paradox so I could have a pair at home and at...
Up for sale is my Headroom MicroAmp w/ Desktop Module, purchased in January 2006. Included is the amp and two (2) APS power supplies I am the original owner. I used the amp at both home and work and it has performed flawlessly. I now have dedicated amps at home and work and no longer use the MicroAmp. I do not have the original box, but will pack well for shipping. Pics can be found at: https://goo.gl/photos/mkkDkuDWSK93FicS7. Price is $120 CONUS shipped. (I will pay...
Thanks!   It looks like the Philips Fidelio S1 might be a good choice as well.  Thoughts?
For a ~$100 IEM, what would be your choice and why: Brainwavz B2 or HifiMan RE-400?
Here is a re-post of my initial review of Paradox (serial #8):   A couple of days ago was an early Christmas, as when I returned home from work a package sat upon my porch.  Carefully opening revealed a present from from Santa LFF - a brand new set of Paradox T50RP headphones!!!   I only have one thing to say about the Paradox's:  HOLY SH_T!!!!  These are without a doubt, the clearest most resolving headphones I have ever heard.  Although I've listened to this CD...
New Posts  All Forums: