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I have the csp2+ and taboo.  black as night, full volume.        
the adaptor for the 596 looks better than mine
I don't know what "passive" is when it comes to speakers. No internal amp?   I have the Klipsch Heresy III bookshelf speakers and I like them with my CSP2+, TABOO combination.  The highs and mids are realistic in my mind.  They seem fast with good attack on snares and cymbals.  I enjoy listening to them.  When I put on the LCD2 headphones they reveal much more depth in bass.  The Heresy speakers go to 56Hz and I bet that is par for bookshelf speakers.  I don't know of a...
Unpacked a CS-5000 by DUAL this a.m.   It sports the V15vxmr cartridge by Shure.  I was shopping a phono stage yesterday and found a DECWARE unit on ebay!   Should be here in a week.  
I have the same set up, TABOO and CSP2+, LCD2.   I have not heard anything that sounds better.  Clear and realistic. All shout will go away with time. even at volume.
Ordered another 596.  Hope to get the EML 5U4G for Christmas or my birthday.  There was an instrument playing to the left of my left speaker, odd and illusionaryily delightful.  This arc up of tubes on start up, is this a bad thing?  Not normal?  Do I need to have tubes that don't do this?  Happens with my TABOO.  STOP ME NOW!!!   I have an old DUAL CS5000 TT coming in to experiment with LPs.  I think I may need a soundstage from decware to up the signal from the TT,...
I run old Hammond Organ EL84s in my TABOO and I went with a 12AU7 after comparing it to the 12AT7 and the 12AT7A.  There seems to be more bite with the AT.  That new amp you got is sweet.  Piano recordings sound more realistic with the 596 rectifier.  
My setup.  Does not show the USAF 596 rectifier in the CSP2+.  My Vcaps are breaking in and coming to life too.                  
Installed the USAF 596 rectifier tube in my CSP2+.  Larger soundstage, more realistic sounding classical guitars, better separation, made my whole system better.  I run the CSP2+ into a TABOO.  I wonder if having another 596 tube installed in the TABOO would make near as much difference.  The plates in the 596 are twice as long as the rectifier I was using.
I use the CPS2+ as a preamp for the taboo and also as a preamp for the Dynaco 120.  Before I got the CSP2+, I ran the Bitfrost directly into the Dynaco with great results.  I have a headphone jack on the CSP2+ but it is not suited to the LCD2 headphones.
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