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Balanced vs unbalanced.  The only reason for balanced inputs or outputs is when long distances have to be covered by cable.  I await the review of the Decware amp, I am anxious.  I have the Taboo and CSP2+.  I look forward to hearing about all the speakers at Decware too.  There is currently a lot to look forward to in this thread. Please, include lots of pics.  
I went to the big city for business, and being there I took time to go to a high end audio shop.  I was interested in comparing sources, turntable vs digital.  Sources were fed into 50k of equipment.  I think the speakers were Wilsons and the amps were 300 wpc Mcintosh tube MC2301 monoblocks.  For numerous reasons, I am very happy my elegant CSP2+, Taboo, Klipsch sound.  My system is revealing and easy to listen to for hour and hours. Generally,  I prefer speakers to my...
It sold, must have been at the buy it now price.
Saw a nice Taboo with the Vcaps on ebay.  That is the rig I have.  The caps don't have enough time to be broken in.  My Taboo, CSP2+ combo does not shout, the sound is right there at the speaker.  Nice.  I use 12 guage copper wire, the kind used to hook up lawn lights, for speaker cable.  I wonder if a good speaker cable would make much difference.  BTW I have the 596 tube in both the Taboo and CSP2+.  
I ordered the Taboo, then ordered the CSP2+ a week later.  Glad I did.  The CSP2+ has the four gain controls, two for the input and two for output.  The volume control on the CSP2+ when coupled with the Taboo is like gliding on ice.  Smooth subtile changes over a wide spectrum, it's hard to describe.  I also purchased the Decware silver RCA cables to connect the two, and Decware made me a couple capacitor plug-ins to use when the Taboo is not connected to speakers.  I...
I haven't posted in a while.  My CPS2+, Taboo combination continue to provide me with the best sound I have ever had.  I was invited to a home to listen to a SS set up that my friend was very happy with, he just had it refurbished.  We listened to CDs and I discovered Conway Twitty for the first time.  I borrowed a couple of his CDs to download into my iTunes.  The older CDs are are not as good as the 196kps music I get off Pandora One.  For example, my Stan Getz...
what component do you have?  is there a power supply next to the component?  hope you can fix it without letting it go for a time.  I would really miss mine.  how long have you had the component, how long has it worked properly?  
I have the csp2+ and taboo.  black as night, full volume.        
the adaptor for the 596 looks better than mine
I don't know what "passive" is when it comes to speakers. No internal amp?   I have the Klipsch Heresy III bookshelf speakers and I like them with my CSP2+, TABOO combination.  The highs and mids are realistic in my mind.  They seem fast with good attack on snares and cymbals.  I enjoy listening to them.  When I put on the LCD2 headphones they reveal much more depth in bass.  The Heresy speakers go to 56Hz and I bet that is par for bookshelf speakers.  I don't know of a...
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