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Recommended.  Good Price.
Congrats, that's a nice set-up!  Hope you enjoy playing vinyl half as much as I do.  When I first started playing records I thought the music was a muted especially at the high end.  At first I asked myself, what's the big deal?  But I kept returning to analog playback and not in a conscious effort.  Pretty soon I was listening to it almost exclusively.  So I decided to make a comparison again.  The iphone, dac combo sounded shrill in comparison to my Dual, Shure V15...
The Kuzma guy is calling me later today.  Hope he has a reason to buy.  I need a deal. has an informative article entitled "All About Rectifiers" by Dave Hunter which gave me more insight as to their function.  I learned that the transformer feeds AC voltage into the rectifier which turns that voltage into the pure DC voltage needed by the output tubes to function.  Depending on the rectifier, the voltage leaving the rectifier is increased to different degrees.  The article speaks of SS rectification and tube rectification and the effect of...
Ok, Ok?  I have been doing some critical listening today.  Tomorrow I get my camera back!  I have a tripod.  Pictures forthcoming.  Listening, listening to a Decca release of Joseph Haydn Symphonie Nr. 92 G-dur,, Oxford.  Ok, ok?  I would not sell my USAF 596 for $596.  I would not sell at $1200.  The resolution of the violins is impeccable.  It looks like it has double thick glass too!  Btw I am running it on the Taboo MKII.
I have seen the price of the USAF 596 rise consistently since purchasing mine.  The price is what the market will bring.  I will not be selling mine, and I don't have a back up 596.  They are not easy to come by. I would not be surprised to see the price go higher.
That HP mod is fantastic.  I have a mod that puts  external resisters in the speaker outs. I can use them when I listen to my headphones without speakers connected to the amp. DEcware fabricated them for me and I keep them in my LCD2 box.   I have the MK II also.  Great amp.  
My Decware switch box will output my Sansui tuner and Bifrost DAC to the CSP2+.  My turntable will feed into a Decware phono amp then straight into my CSP2+.  The CSP2+ output will go directly to a Taboo MK II outfitted with Z capacitors.  This set up should be black and magical.  I am waiting the return of my CSP2+ from Decware where it's being outfitted with the new cryogenic treated beeswax capacitors.  I am also waiting for my new Audio Desk ultrasonic vinyl...
I use a swifter and the one inch paint brush seems like a good idea.  Auto shops have brushes for detailing, they might work as well.  
My CSP2+ is getting the beeswax cryo treated capacitor upgrade.  
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