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Well, bebophead some of my best purchases did not include an exterior ring, though I thought about it long and hard.  I, I want to make a record change FaST!!!!!  I never return albums my shaved Shibata stylus tracks lower than almost all scratches, excepting my Rolling Stones AFTERMATH London album scratched to bloody hell. The track Paint It Black has never sounded so scratched and spit upon.  My copy is a true classic, played often in its day by everyone.  
I would recommend a cheap vinyl cleaner like Spin Clean to bring out the sound in your albums.  Albums can be as quiet as a CD.
I have enjoyed the Taboo CSP2+ combination for years now.  I like the sound and the concise soundstage they offer with my Heresy III speakers.  The difference tube quality makes is apparent with these two Decware amplifiers.  The amps look awesome with my Thorens TD-124 turntable, Ortofon SPU cartridge, and Ortofon RMG 312 tonearm.  I like to use my LCD2 headphones as a reference for sound, they transmit much lower bass frequencies than my speakers, or Quad ESL 57's for...
STS Turntables.  Ive found it better to put work in a pro's hands. 
My Thorens TD 124 is being refurbished.      
      Which one is better looking to you?  That's the one.  Here's a good looking TT front end, imho.   
    Going out this week for a refurbish.  
This is one of my favorite threads, along with the "show a pic of your turntable thread".   It is Sunday morning here in AZ and cool.  I have a dedicated line of electricity to my system. There must be ample power in the grid today. My soundstage is up on the back wall, and the imaging is swell.  I am listening to live recordings from the Village Vanguard, Bill Evans on the piano.  Thought I heard the ice in a glass at one point.  The USAF 596 doesn't disappoint in the...
Recommended.  Good Price.
Congrats, that's a nice set-up!  Hope you enjoy playing vinyl half as much as I do.  When I first started playing records I thought the music was a muted especially at the high end.  At first I asked myself, what's the big deal?  But I kept returning to analog playback and not in a conscious effort.  Pretty soon I was listening to it almost exclusively.  So I decided to make a comparison again.  The iphone, dac combo sounded shrill in comparison to my Dual, Shure V15...
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