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*Scratches head*.....As a fellow Dutchman my M-100 anticipation has just turned into customs-angst
Not sure if this clarifies everything, but voila:
Out of curiosity: What's stopping you from ordering from V-Moda's website?
P.S. Follow @AudiophiliacMan; tweeting about the M-100's, among others
Ok, in that case I'm interested in your (or anyone else's) best match for the M-100, smartphonewise. 
Yep. Lifelike calls through M-100, ok, I can live with that Now let's see iPhone's 5 amp + dac. And LOD's that go with this new Lightning port.
From the Apple-presentation: 10:37:05 AM PDT "With wideband audio, we can fill up more of the frequency spectrum. We'll have 20 partners on this at launch." Probably related to calling, but still, could be interesting
Bit hard to tell if nobody knows the specifications of the new connector yet. As far as I can tell there were no connector-leaks, other then simply the change in size (which doesn't exclude a LOD)
Thanx, I was actually thinking I was looking at two cables, one being the 6.4 and the other the 3.5 Enfin, feels like the 9/21 estimated shipping date for the pre-orders is allmost a done deal.
Good point. I guess the only reason is that these are not the plugs that go into the sound source, but that these go into the headphones (?)
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