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@AnakChan: As Venturecraft is testing Lightning at the moment, do you perhaps know if this will require a 30-pin adapter, or will it go straight from Lightning to USB?
Cheers Val! It's been a fantastic and very informative ride. Looking forward to these 'phones. And wishing you some R&R, knowing all blood, sweat and tears you spent along the way.
Nice to hear from someone with industry knowledge. Have these licenses been released yet for the iPhone 5? And do you expect it to become easier (or harder) for third party companies like yours to develop dac's and amps for iPhone 5?
I ordered an iPhone 5, but I totally understand your feelings about Apple encrypting it's digital signal. What harm would it do to Apple if it made this signal abailable to everybody? For me at least, it would highten the phone's appeal.
Ordered one. Right now I'm curious how Lightning will interact with dac's and amps.
When someone like steve guttenberg calls a set of - 300 dollar - headphones quite good, I wouldn't worry too much Let's wait and read his review when he finishes it.
I'd allmost buy it because of the way it looks; that's one slick looking amp.How does the sound compare against the rest of the Fiio lineup?
Shadow here too The white version certainly looks spectacular, I for one allmost went for it. But in the end I think the Shadow is a nice blend between the stealthy Matte and the more in-your-face White. (I haven't seen enough images of the Shadow yet to prove orherwise)
Seems like the combination of an Apple-esque, avant garde design ethic with the anticipated great SQ make for a rare event. The M-80 did some ground breaking, while mastermind and CEO Val Kolton has some fantastic marketing chops: relaying his own enthousiasm by tirelessly joining hands (here and about) with his own target audience. I pre-ordered the M-100 because of this, and because I get the impression these 'phones are - their good looks notwithstanding - more...
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