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Source:  iPhone5/iOS6 and Go-Dap X Releasing Date   Go-Dap X releasing date in stores will delay to be on Sep. 29th (ship from us on 28th) due to iPhone5/iOS6 modification. We again truly appreciate your generous understanding and patience in this matter.   We are also working on Go-Dap Unit4.0 verification with iOS6 at the same time. We would like to announce about the results...
Lol. We're all in the same boat here.
I think you're the only one getting them 2 weeks later the rest of us Just kidding ofcourse..
Thanks for your impressions. My iPhone 5 should arrive next week at about the same moment as my V-Moda M-100; sounds like they'll be making a nice combo (unamped).P.S. The Cirrus DAC and other components at iFxit:
+1Indeed. Showing impatience here won't make the M-100's ship any day faster.
I'd love to try that, but as an untrained swordsman I fear chopping up my M-100's
Thanks. That sounds promising. (Off topic: also interesting to see see if Lightning will go to 3.5 as well, for people who don't need dac's)
Delay. Please do the sign off's, adds value to my 'phones as far as I'm concerned.'V-MODA, Fashionably late'
edit - allready answered
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