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Yes he is (also check his recent tweets about this). It will be suited for Android phones too, so I guess it will be redesigned version of the Go-dap X.
Hopefully before the end of the year.In august, around 300 head-fi'ers were given the opportunity to pre-order these baby's. We'll receive them somewhere in the coming two weeks.
Yep, that's my gut feeling too. Seems they like to cheerlead - for whatever (is hip).*still anxiously awaiting my iP5*
It's like M(ars Rover)-100; just about to leap out of it's landing vehicle into unknown territory. (Ofcourse, it escaped the fierce descent and subsequent impact unscaved).Now let's take some monsters with this beast
Hey, that's interesting, you allready received the final model? Congrats Interesting burn-in peripheral you got there btw
Thanks mate. I'm getting a clearer picture about these digital connectors now.
*plop*! And +1 for the handwritten note. That's a cool little chunk of technology history allready.Giving a whole new twist to the matter of closed versus open cans
As a future iPhone owner: has anyone allready tried the UHA-6 coupled directly with Lightning? I'm afraid Lightning will try to authenticate the Leckerton, but who knows right?
If for instance AirPlay is really lossless then that would'nt be a problem, right? (not that there are any AirPlay compatible amp's for example, but for the sake of argument)
Meanwhile, over at WhatHifi: "The iPhone 5 sounds better than ever. How Apple does this, we do not know. It’s incremental but apparent all the same, with extra detail and clarity making tracks even more engaging." source: (part of) iLounge's take: "Tested with an ultra high-end pair of JH Audio JH16 Pro earphones, the iPhone 5 generally exhibited even better sound quality than the iPhone 4S, with an even lower static floor and...
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