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No official date yet, but probably before the end of the year. (excluding the 300 unit pre-order batch, which should arrive any moment)
A tidbit of info from Innerfidelity (posted 10/2) "V-Moda M-100 - Seems that Val has pushed the button on these, and has told me a pair will be showing up shortly. Been waiting quite a while for him to be happy with this new baby. My fingers are crossed." www.innerfidelity.com/content/innerfidelity-october-2012-update
Nice. Now let's see the software. Apps (i.e. spotify) would be great.
Thanks for sharing. Great to see a mainstream media-outlet like Engadget focussing on SQ! This could push smartphone makers to focus a bit more on better sound from their next generation of smartphones.
Well that's a bit of a misconception then; there was never any official "release date" of this pre-order batch. I reckon people who pre-ordered (myself included) are fine with that and understood from the onset that we joined a pre-release phase. When the whole production process is finalized, no doubt V-moda will give an official release date. 
Exactly. Val could have just stuck to mass production and keep head-fi out of the loop. But I prefer the innovative, truly customer-centric, semi-open source route he has taken.
Beats took a leaf out of V-moda's stylebook (not the durability, mind you), but forgot to add the sound quality that ought to accompany headphones in that price range. On that front, I don't think you can compare Beats and V-Moda at all.
Wishlist: devices like this would be even better if they could run Spotify.
@AnakChan, excellent, please take your time. I'm sure most would agree. Nice picture! Interesting to see how they match with the Go-Dap X.
btw*happy camper*
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