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  Every now and then the new Vamp gets mentioned in (towards the end of) this thread:   As far as pricing goes, it seems to come down to what Apple charges for it's MFI program.
As far as I know, these amp/dac-combo's are iPhone 5 compatible: - Centrance Hifi-m8 (allmost released, $699) - Sony pha-1. Reviews: Touchmyapps/head-fi user Shigzeo: Head-fi user Ditti: ) - Perhaps the yet to be released Fiio e18 - V-moda is working on a new Vamp (for iphone+android) Good luck I wonder what devices will follow now that Lightning has been introduced. P.S. All other...
Thanks for the impressions!Could you compare the sound quality to other sources, perhaps non-mobile as well? Just curious how it ranks as a music player in general.
Great, thanks for the impression. Did you test the bass on different sources perhaps? Curious how that matters?
1: no paying customer has received the M-100 yet (anakchan got a review copy)2: don't be too pessimistic
Agreed. Spotify isn't in the same league as lossless files. But on the road, the quality difference isn't that great. At the moment it's Ogg Vorbis 320 kbps, but who knows what it'll be three years from now.Still, you don't consider Ogg Vorbis 320 kbps to be 'high resolution'?
haha, Val's powers extend way beyond what most can imagine ;)
Funny, same thing happened to my M50's last week. Walked past a dumpster and there she went - ouch. To paraphrase the surgeon general on the other side of the pond: Quitting Headphones Now Greatly Reduces Serious Risks to Your Health. 
  Absolutely, telco's play their part in this. (I make sure to sync on wifi only)     You should check it out ;) both of them I guess
This might seem slightly offtopic, but for Spotify users like me, a DAP without Spotify (or Rdio, Pandora perhaps) is pretty useless. That might sound harsh, because this device by iRiver has great potential quality wise. Still I think more and more people will leave individual music files behind and opt for the luxury of having unlimited access to a huge music library. It's kinda ironic that Apple has one of the few dedicated music players (iPod Touch) that are...
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