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Owlawd, the complexities of forum-life  Does leave the M-100 in somewhat of an existential crisis (portable or full-size??) doesn't it ;)
Interestingly and paradoxically, the author calls it a 'tragic flaw'. I read the article as, 'it should have been priced lower so more people would/could enjoy it's qualities, but we aknowledge the fact that's unrealistic - given those exact same qualities'.
So can we close this thread now and make this one even bigger and bad-ass'er? 
edit (ipad-related double post) edit 2: might as well add a visual salute to one of the signature design elements of the M-100, taken from the Gizmodo-gallery:
M-100's journey into pr-stratosphere picking up pace. Gizmodo writes: Indestructible Headphones You’ll Either Love or HateGreat text and pic's. Ordered the Shadow myself, but that white combo of V-Moda/Apple-tech is exquisite. Then again, iPhone 6 should be M-100-inspired (Shadow!) Like we say at our workplace: that's #nextlevelsh*t!
In the previous article Engadget mentioned "the headphones will be priced somewhere below $400"   Well, they're up to date now: V-Moda's M-100 headphones get priced at $300, will ship 'in time for the holidays'   Fortunately for V-Moda, Engadget didn't estimate too high in the first article. 
Thanks Ditti, I'm all the more interested in this device now. Could you provide some insight as to what degree PHA-1 is an improvement vs. the sq of the iPhone 5 itself?  
M-100's getting some love http://www.engadget.com/2012/10/11/v-moda-m-100-audiophile-headphones-hands-on-interview-val-kolton/
M-100's getting some lovehttp://www.engadget.com/2012/10/11/v-moda-m-100-audiophile-headphones-hands-on-interview-val-kolton/
Thanks Craigster for the fine and concise review. The boom mic must fit very nicely between those nasty teeth. 
New Posts  All Forums: