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So, here's to launch day. Let's sit back and watch:!/VMODA!/valkolton (?)  ( )  ... ?   Or, you could just watch the European Championships...
  Have a look at Val's comment three days ago, in the VAMP-thread: I reckon this also concerns the M-100, since he's talking about all our new gear.
Can happen. Intrigued however with your suggestion about combining the M-100's with the e17. Do you expect a - noticeably - better sound quality?
Chill indeed And since that last link (radioshow) was introduced in my native dutch; I wonder what the availability of the V-100's M-100's will be in Europe, and in The Netherlands in particular. (No objection however with purchasing them directly from, care to elaborate on that subject?P.S. You come across as a pretty inspirational entrepeneur, by actually putting in the effort to involve your users. Instead of companies playing 'social' on twitter and...
haha, thanx for the reply about the LP's! (my nickname was actually taken from this song, with plenty of jazz in it. Should sound fantastic on the V-100's)
I'm about to swap my M50's for the V-100's (well, as my on the go-can anyway). Apart from the actual listening experience, isolation and noise leakage are the two things going through my mind the most. I don't expect the v-moda's to isolate as well as the M50's; can't wait to hear the differences in real life. 
For me it comes down to this: who's the best in replicating the live sound you experience when visiting a live show or concert. This means an engaging and in-your-face sound signature, not analytical like the 1350. I want to have fun and *feel* the music (let the studio do the mastering). I bet the V-100 will be a pretty good shot at a "live show" :)
Presignups? As in, pre-orders? 
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