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Indeed. FWIW, this is now the thread with the most comments ever in 'Portable Headphones, Earphones and In-Ear Monitors'. 
  If only to give this vid a bump; very interesting and informative!
Injecting some Dutch post-Sandy love into the US-economy  Keep it up EastCoasters!   Okay, just got these a few hours ago, so bear with me :), here's a (very) prelimary impression. Mind you, I'm no 'audiophile' in the sense of measuring frequencies; in the end all I care about is wether music moves me. Upfront: if and when the music fits my taste, the M-100's definitely lives up to all the hype preceding the official launch (can't believe I pre-ordered these way...
Epic. Shurely one of the better reviews yet. I'm also looking forward to reading about your go-to earthquake, shootout and/or tsunami headphones.
Thanks guys, sounds like the ZO3 will be even more interesting, or capable. Now if only they could show us the FullMonty on this device
Interesting. I wonder if the DAC will be Apple Lightning compatible, so It can be used with digital out. Any timeframe for this ZO3?P.S. I heard about SmartVektor, but what is FullSpec?
That sucks. I guess you'll have to return the unit then?
While awaiting my M-100's (got a shipping notification october 8th), I'm trying to educate myself in the technicalities of how sound reaches our ears,, with lingo like efficiency, dac's and impedance. Concerning the latter term, am I correct that the impedance of the M-100's isn't known yet? And well, does it concern anyone ?
I don't think there are any yet (or probably ever). Audio companies have yet to figure out the whole technique behind Lightning, so it's a bit too early. There's a good chance however that analog audio out will only be attainable via the (lightning to) 30-pin adapter. Otherwise it's Lightning (digital) to amp/dac-combo's like the Sony PHA-1.
The praise just seems to keep on comming. Popular Science writes: V-Moda M-100 Review: The Headphones That Made Me Love Headphones. Sound+Vision: 'seems like a real winner'
New Posts  All Forums: