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iPad double-post (tip: don't quote others when replying with an iPad on this forum)
+1 to that.Initially (first week or so) the bass was overwhelming to me and I started to wonder if I made a misstake buying them, especially considering rock music. I was worried i'd have to buy an amp or equalizer.But now a 'phone like the Momentum just sounds to 'flimsy' compared to the M-100, which feels like it presents music (every kind) with heft, so to speak. It's just heavy, massive fun, with the right kind of details to still be enjoyable when listening to jazz or...
My god, you waited two weeks already?I joined this thread back in may, pre-ordered in august and received these 'phones yesterday. #justsayin'
"The over-the-ear memory foam cushions are comfortable even after several hours of use", writes Gregory Schmidt of the New York Times. I tend to agree.
Thanks!The ability to decrease bass would make the ZO even more attractive imho. This would shape the ZO into a truly versatile device and equalizer. I hope DigiZoid is paying attention
Rio Carbon! ('Pearl' version) Great little device. Nice to hold, with a well thought out, intuitive design (soft- and hardware). Clickwheel worked great, and as far as I can remember it sounded good too. It did have a (5 gig) 1 inch micro hard disk, so yes, it could skip during tracks. It might sound strange now, but comming from a portable discman, it was somewhat of a magical experience to be able to play all these songs with no (visible) moving parts. Very sturdy...
Just a quick question to owners of a ZO: in the lowest (green?) setting, is bass on the standard level you're used to getting from your headphones, or is bass actually decreased from that "0-point"? I ask this because I'd like the flexibility of either emphasizing or de-emphasizing bass-levels.
I've got similar questions, so +1
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