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I really liked the pairing when I had the HD-800s, so I think it's definitely worth the price of admission. Definitely not letting go of my Crack either, it'll collect dust until I get another high impedance headphone. I sold the HD-800 because I enjoy the HE-6 more, I was mainly using it as an expensive evaluation tool and for classical music lol, so it got sent off to a better home.
To make it short and sweet, the overall fidelity is taken up a notch. I bought S adapters from Awwan off eBay, a replacement Westone cable, and a TRRS jack. Cut off the TRS jack on the replacement cable (save it for a BAL-SE adapter if you want), and solder on the TRRS jack. I think total spent was around $60 and now you have an Ety that can be run both balanced and single-ended operation if you buy a female TRRS jack :)
Oh, it does! I have the ER-4S wired for balanced operation too, and it is glorious 
^ lol  Well, GLWS then!
Well I hope you get sorted soon, hate to see a fellow with a non-operational audio rig. 
What source are you connecting it to? I remember when I had the D18 that it was quite picky. I've had great success with the HiFace2 and KingRex UC384 USB/SPDIF converters.
Oh no, not the dark quietness!  If there's any advice/ideas you may need, feel free to send me a PM SO :)
I agree, the D18 is one of those understated masterpieces for the price/performance ratio that gives you that wonderful analog-ish sound. If you want "better" though, then you would surely be pleased with the DA8.
That's why I have the HM-901 with balanced card and never looked back 
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