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I agree, I've had the LDR3x since summer of 2013 and can echo your impressions.
Yeah, knowing how Kingwa comes out with new gear like I go through coffee , and seeing how he has only been able to make minor changes to the M-1 since 2011 tells you it's a damn good thing! I'm sure you would be pleased either way. I was interested in the M7 DAC for a while, but I am holding for him to create the newest version, along with keeping my eye on the Yggy and anything that might pop into thin air before making that purchase. I still have reservations for...
I'd wager for the Master-9, it's the preamp doing alot of the magic in that box, which is a baby version of my Master-1 Still withholding my initial impressions of it, but needless to say it's very positive.
OK. Well, welcome to club!I'm sure Grant Fidelity will take care of you promptly. Never heard of anyone with screen issues before, but there's always a first for everything.
Did you double check the voltage selector on the back for proper setting?
^^ or when you receive the duplicate items, mail them back and they say it isn't in "retail condition" (no refund) because of a missing screw or torn package when you didn't even breathe on it.   Looking at you Digi-Key  
I have been lucky a few times where I will instantly email them with the adjustment i need (same email as the order confirmation), and they would either delay the shipping, or send the extra parts out with free shipping. Doing the live chat if it's available may yield quicker results too. I also spend a good chunk of $$$ with them, so I may get treated differently too... It sure is a pain in the arse though when you find out too late   EDIT: Just checked my past 6 months...
 Yeah hehe. My solution is to double check everything (optimal parts, stock, quantity, price, dimensions), especially if i have the boards on hand with digital calipers. Then I'll go through the build in my mind and figure what I need that isn't directly obvious. Once done, that's when my 24-48 hour holding period begins Yeah I've had that happen too lol. The bright side is that you can use the parts for future builds, assuming you dig in your parts bin or have it noted in...
Yeah, no kidding. Especially when you start filling out BOMs and ordering off Mouser and Digi-Key. Impatience there will cost you not only time, but money too. I now find myself waiting to press the order button for 24-48 hours in case there is something i forgot or need to adjust. 9/10 times there is something 
I think the balanced output sounds better IMO. The single-ended is closest to neutral of the two, but there is this sort of inoffensive tizziness up top that glosses over the details in the highest frequencies. The bass also isn't as holographic as the XLR output. I think the words I'm looking for is that the RCA output is sweet without the warmth, and the XLR output is both.
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