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Thanks for reminding me to put that on my watchlist 
Welcome to the club and thank you for joining! What are your favorites so far?
I think they just hit the 30k mark.
Unfortunately, there will never be 'the one', as at that level system synergy plays a more significant role. I'd recommend you demo them if you can, and keep the one which pleases you most.
I see plenty of good advice is given here, especially the subwoofer crawl. I would like to add that since you have wood flooring, you'll also need to factor in costs of coupling/isolation and maybe a rug or two. If you don't, then expect unwanted mechanical vibrations and boominess.
While I can't speak for Potterma, 18-20v is a reasonable number. Current limiting/clipping is the main limitation though.
Well that makes it perfect then, just open your eyes after you determined your favorite. 
Yeah that slow filter is a seductive little sucker  I like the sound better with jitter eliminator off though, YMMV.
Can the gremlin atleast sing to you?  [[SPOILER]]
Get a second-hand Beyer T1, and a Modi/Asgard/Valhalla.
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