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Oh ok. Well there's I/V conversion somewhere, i guess it's integrated inside the ESS9023 chip?
Hmm interesting. I have found other DACs to be grainy, but not the DA8. Matter of fact, I find it so transparent that it makes you really step up your game to catch up. Maybe give it a few more days for things to burn in, or perhaps you'll realize you're hearing a clearer window and you have discovered problems that were covered up until now. If imaging, dynamics and details are in fact as you say very good, isn't that the definition of high fidelity? Without those...
Nice setup StryGR. I notice the 'salas' in the odac chain. Is that some sort of I/V stage modification from the user at DIYA? I must admit though, while the ODAC is good, better is attainable rather easily, funds allowing of course.
It could be some kind of noise travelling on the lines. Does it make this sound with USB cable unplugged? Try and cover USB pins 1&4 with electrical tape, or a wall outlet on the other side of the house and see if it goes away. Do you have dimmer switches in your house? If so, turn them completely off and see if it goes away too.
Each channel. Which means the factory does go through a driver matching process. 1) Get a Digital Multimeter2) Turn the dial to 100-200 ohms setting, or auto range.3)Touch the leads together and write that down.4) Connect the leads to +/- on one side.5) Measure, and subtract the offset of the lead's impedance from #3.6) Repeat on other side7) [optional] Post your results here.
We were checking out impedance because out of both curiosity, and to help calculate power requirements. I still have the hardest to drive HE-6 at 70 ohms You might be second though...
Why does the HE-6 thread reek of O2 marketing slogans?   It seems alot of those guys who take it hook, line and sinker feel the need to spread it like a prophecy. Please contain yourself sir.
I think most of us HE-6 diehards are running either First Watt, Krell, and serious tube amps. Speaker amps of course :)
Nice taste in music, very similar to mine :)I have the Amperiors too and I do like them for their overall SQ and features. For IEMs good with classical/jazz/rock, it's really tough to beat the HifiMan RE-400 for $99. I think you would be pleasantly surprised. The VSonic GR-07BE (Bass Edition) is great for EDM, somewhere around $150 i think. Awesome cable too. Both are incredibly comfortable with decent isolation as well.
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