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Ooh, maybe PCBs will be openly available soon then. Another First Watt to add to my growing collection 
Sorry, I am sure you have mentioned this before, but what programs are you using?
Yeah, you could certainly do that, but where's the fun?!  Oh, that would be interesting. Maybe make a lava lamp looking sort of thing...
Food for thought...water-cooling 
LOL, a headphone closet Yeah I've seen that too lol. I wonder if that was a wake up call to some of them. Probably not, but happiness is in the eye of the beholder. I hope those guys atleast let their spouses indulge in their own passions half as much as they do...
Hehehehe. Maybe let your hubby wrap some up as presents for the family then when you're away so you have room for more Be sure to tell him your least favorites though!
For something smaller, give some of those gainclones a shot. Besides, I'm curious how they pan out :)
Yeah, the HE-5LE does have a little glare from what I remember when I owned it. One thing I do hear now that i didn't previously was pre/post ringing on the impulse response. It's really only audible on the sharp filter. On slow filter, it is greatly reduced and maybe even inaudible. Pretty much all Sigma Delta DACs have this limitation, and some people are more sensitive to it than others. Purrin as a matter of fact is sensitive to ringing, hence his aversion toward these...
Yeah I am more of a downtempo/ambient/deep person myself. I used the term EDM merely as a catch all phrase for brevity Most headphone lovers will find that 2-4 is really all you need, so maybe sell the others except your most favorite 1-2 and move higher up the chain. Like monopoly, trade 5 houses for 1 hotel  
New Posts  All Forums: