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 Here are some good resources for your reading pleasure :)The first link has some great visual illustrations of the effects of...
Awesome Al! PM me your impressions when you get it all setup, I am excited to hear what you have to say :) I too have thought about getting a multi-channel DAC and doing everything myself via REW/JRiver, but they are far and few between. RME and exasound are probably the best bets for multi-channel DACs.
Yeah I looked at that closely, but I think I have found a better solution. First, I don't think many DEQX owners have $1k+ DACs experience, and those that do have less than desirable experiences with the digital units. Second, what are you going to do if you have a turntable? Digitize it? No thanks! Third, I still have all the advantages of digital by using my USB measurement microphone + REW through JRiver. So what we have is no AD step with cheap converters, less...
One of the best stock cables i have come across is the V-Sonic GR-07BE cable. It's durable, resistant to tangles, soft, and no microphonics. If Etymotic could take a look at this cable and implement their own version that would be awesome.
LMAO I am going through this very thing with an active analog crossover for my horns+supertweets  Which components, opamps, x-over frequency, installation limitations etc. One thing is for sure though, it's a Linkwitz-Riley 4th-order (LR-4).
^ I agree with Al. With this kind of money, you're much better off buying a known good DAC and separate preamp. However, you can buy a brand new Yulong DA8 for that asking price and still have preamp capabilities, and just get a separate pre when funds allow. Heck, you could even get the soon to be released Yulong D200 for half the price and spring for a pre too :)
I went from D18 to DA8. I had the D18 for over a year, and when I A/B the two to verify it was a true upgrade i was not disappointed. Even with a USB/SPDIF converter mated with the D18 via AES/EBU it didn't stand on equal footing in any area besides the midrange. Literally every other aspect of sound is better on the DA8 via USB.
Most DAC solutions come with a schematic that alot of manufacturers simply follow, but adjust it with better parts. X-Sabre for example is the textbook ESS9018 solution, nothing really special except for a solid block of aluminum.
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