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Yes. You need to be careful not to overdrive the Emotiva with the Lyr. You will get massive clipping and even squealing. Test with a cheap set of speakers first, or even better, an oscilloscope if you have one.
 Here are some good resources for your reading pleasure :)The first link has some great visual illustrations of the effects of...
Awesome Al! PM me your impressions when you get it all setup, I am excited to hear what you have to say :) I too have thought about getting a multi-channel DAC and doing everything myself via REW/JRiver, but they are far and few between. RME and exasound are probably the best bets for multi-channel DACs.
Yeah I looked at that closely, but I think I have found a better solution. First, I don't think many DEQX owners have $1k+ DACs experience, and those that do have less than desirable experiences with the digital units. Second, what are you going to do if you have a turntable? Digitize it? No thanks! Third, I still have all the advantages of digital by using my USB measurement microphone + REW through JRiver. So what we have is no AD step with cheap converters, less...
One of the best stock cables i have come across is the V-Sonic GR-07BE cable. It's durable, resistant to tangles, soft, and no microphonics. If Etymotic could take a look at this cable and implement their own version that would be awesome.
LMAO I am going through this very thing with an active analog crossover for my horns+supertweets  Which components, opamps, x-over frequency, installation limitations etc. One thing is for sure though, it's a Linkwitz-Riley 4th-order (LR-4).
^ I agree with Al. With this kind of money, you're much better off buying a known good DAC and separate preamp. However, you can buy a brand new Yulong DA8 for that asking price and still have preamp capabilities, and just get a separate pre when funds allow. Heck, you could even get the soon to be released Yulong D200 for half the price and spring for a pre too :)
I went from D18 to DA8. I had the D18 for over a year, and when I A/B the two to verify it was a true upgrade i was not disappointed. Even with a USB/SPDIF converter mated with the D18 via AES/EBU it didn't stand on equal footing in any area besides the midrange. Literally every other aspect of sound is better on the DA8 via USB.
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