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Will do
Master-1 preamp can do 19v from XLR :) That's what I'll be trying out when I get around to building the F4. It won't be balanced amplification, but who cares if it sounds awesome, which i hope it does.
 Lol I never looked at the voltage swing closely, but made the assumption it was similar to other First Watt offerings. It clearly is not. Thanks for clarifying that.The F4 is a current source amp, meaning you need a voltage buffer like a First Watt B1, or a serious preamp to give what it needs, the yin to the yang :) If you want a top quality buffer on the cheap, look into a Salas Hot Rodded DCB1 on DiyAudio. Incredible price/performance.
Yeah no issues here either, and the F5 is more than 2x the output of the F1J too. That makes you, potterma, dubstep girl, me and some others I can't think of that are satisfied. Something is fishy. Oh well, atleast you guys found something you are happy with.
Well, I think you could either have a sub-optimal preamp, or some type of gain issue. You may also just prefer the tube amps colorations compared to them. Maybe SE could chime in here...
Hmm, makes me wonder how wide of a frequency response the internal amp has, perhaps 100khz or more.
So, I played Kodo's O-Daiko (Big Drum) track just through my TV speakers to observe it on the JRiver analyzer. I see fundamentals at approx 60hz for 2/3 of the song, then they drop down to approx 45hz at the last third of the song  The harmonics look beautiful too, can't wait to try this on the HE-6 and home theater rigs soon. There are only a few albums where I can reliably trip the breakers in the house, and this might be one of them! The Prodigy: World's on Fire BluRay...
10W, right on the money just like I've found. 
Yes, I have a huge 4U chassis with a pre-drilled mounting spec for all the DiyAudio boards. It's just enough heatsink for the Aleph J and F4, but not the F5 Turbo. One huge power supply too. I will be going even further by attaching bullet connectors to all the wires, so all I have to do is screw/unscrew the boards and plug 'n play :)Maybe 5 minutes total for a swap of the modules.  +1 Me too!
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