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No huge wires or anything. In fact, with the balanced card, you can use fully what is already in most headphone cables - all 4 wires - for greatest power delivery and channel separation. The TRRS jack is no more bulky than a TRS jack :)The only caveat is re-terminating your current headphones with TRRS.
But that makes sense  
But where am i going to put the beer?
 LOL that would be hilarious.
Yeah I was thinking of a small chip with a thin lipo battery or something and wrapping it behind the ear cups and through the headband or something.
Does anyone know if it's possible to mod a headphone for wireless, like a bluetooth/RF kit or something? Thinking about experimenting with my HE-500. Not sure where I could  hide all the mess though...
Yes, a preamp.
Yes, you are right, It was me saying source, so I stand corrected. F4 still needs a voltage buffer though was my point I was trying to get across. :)Heck, you could even bi-amp the thing to get the voltage/gain you need too.
Hehe, love all the confusion going on. I think we all had long nights 
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